Frequently Asked Questions About Content Manager's Connectivity with SynXis

Leonardo has been working with Sabre Hospitality Solutions (SHS) since 2005, providing image distribution to 3rd party channels for hotels under the SHS chain codes. As the partnership has expanded over the years, this now includes a direct integration between Content Manager and SynXis.

But how exactly does the connection between SynXis and Content Manager work? To help you understand we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions our Enterprise Account Services team receives about the connection. Check out all of the answers below!

How do you connect to SynXis?

Content Manager connects to SynXis through an API. This allows for nearly instantaneous data transfers between the two systems, with API calls occurring every 15 minutes. We're also integrated through a single-sign on portal, which means you have access to Content Manager's interface to manage your media through SynXis. 

How do I load my images in SynXis?

Access Content Manger in SynXis under Setup > Images > Leonardo Content Manager Library. For how to upload media, read this article for a detailed guide on how to use Content Manager's SynXis integration 


How do I associate room types to room images?

Your room types need to be first set up in SynXis. Go to Set up > Rooms > Room Types  and then edit the specific room type, on the left: Image Library > ADD button > Leonardo Content Manager tab. All images that you have uploaded in Content Manager will be visible. For further details, read our How To guide.



Do my Content Manager images go to the SynXis Booking Engine?

Your Content Manager images are available for distribution wherever you need them, including 3rd party travel sites, your voice agents and of course the SynXis Booking Engine. Simply select Content Manager under the image library to view all of the images you’ve uploaded to Content Manager, and select the images you wish to use for your room type, rates, etc. in their respective SynXis module. It is recommended that you use a 3:2 aspect ratio for images used in the SynXis Booking Engine.

Should I access Content Manager to load images? Or can it be done in SynXis?

We recommend that you load all of your images through Content Manager, which is very easy thanks to the seamless single sign-on that directly connects you to Content Manager through SynXis. In addition, room type codes are returned to Content Manager when an association has been made in SynXis between a room type and a Content Manager image.

Should I load my room type codes again in Content Manager or can you get my codes from SynXis?

As long as you’ve associated your room type codes to your Content Manager images in SynXis, there is no need for you to load them again in Content Manager. Our API connection between Content Manager and SynXis will allow for your room type codes to be transferred over.

Where are my RT codes sent? To all 3rd party channels?

Your room codes are sent to all partners who make use of our room type codes including Expedia and Ctrip. We are constantly working with our channel partners to increase the number of channels using our RT codes, and you can expect more to be added in the near future.

If I manage my images in Content Manager, when does it appear in SynXis? Is it instant?

We have an API connection between SynXis and Content Manager making your images appear in SynXis almost instantaneously, usually within a few minutes. If there is an unusually large amount of images being uploaded, your images could take longer to appear in SynXis. If your images are still not displaying after 24 hours, please submit a support inquiry to and they can investigate the issue for you.

I am joining SynXis next month, why are Content Manager images not available in SynXis?

For your Content Manager images to be available in SynXis, it requires that both SynXis and Content Mangaer have a matching record of your property. If you’re in the process of joining SynXis, once you have been setup in SynXis we can map your hotel back to Content Manager and your images will be available in SynXis.

My property IDs have changed now that I am live in SynXis, do I need to update my property file with my new property IDs?

Yes. Anytime your property IDs change, your property file will need to be updated. The connection between Content Manager and SynXis requires that the property IDs match in both Systems. When your property ID changes in one, it needs to be updated in the other to reconnect the pathway.

Once an association between the two systems is done, you can view the room type code associations in SynXis.

When I update or delete an image in Content Manager what do I need to do in SynXis?

Whenever you change or delete an image in Content Manager, you need to go in SynXis and remove the Content Manager image from the modules you’ve assigned them to - room types, rates, packages, etc. – and select the new images you want to use.

If you have any other questions about Content Manager's connection with SynXis, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Account Manager.


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