Hotel Property Data in Content Manager: Best Practices & Requirements

Keeping your hotel property data in Content Manager accurate and up-to-date is essential to ensure accurate matching and media distribution. When we distribute hotel media, we rely on properly formatted hotel data in to accurately map hotels to the correct listings on third-party channels. Providing Leonardo with accurate hotel information results in proper representation on OTAs and GDSs.

How Leonardo matches Hotel Data to Channels’ Hotel Data

When a hotel is onboarded, we require a variety of information, including your own internal ID, property name, address, and longitude and latitude. We use this information to efficiently and accurately match your property with travel channels.

Providing insufficient or inaccurate data will result in a delay in initial media distribution.

What are the best practices for Hotel Property Data?

  • Hotel Names: Do not use special characters such as ¿®©©©¾ ½. UTF-7 character set is preferred. Provide the exact same name (i.e., same characters) that is sent to GDSs.
  • Address Details: Complete all mandatory fields and add as much information as possible. Include your city, country, and postcode.
  • LAT and LONG: More and more channels are now using LAT and LONG to match and therefore it is essential that hotels provide us with the LAT and LONG to a maximum of 13 decimal places.

If you have any questions about property hotel matching, please get in touch with your Account Manager today.

Best Practice Tip: Don’t forget to keep media data and categories clean and current. Here’s a helpful resource: Clean Data 101 - 5 Common Mistakes Made in Content Manager.



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