How to manage users in Content Manager

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Content Manager makes it easy to control who has access to your media. Every user can have custom permissions, with access to specific properties or the full portfolio.

Navigate to the users and permissions screen:

  1. Click your brand name in the left panel at the top, identified with a star
  2. Select “Users” in the first row on the main panel, above “Tree Description”

To add a user:

  1. Click the blue “Add User” button
  2. Enter contact details and set password, then hit “Next – User Permissions”
  3. Edit what this new user has access to. Select one of the predefined user permissions, or customize your own. N.B. User must have at least Basic permissions set to login.
  4. Hit “Done” to save.

Note that user permissions created or set at the 'tree' or brand level give the same access to every property within your property tree. To set access to individual or groups of properties, click the relevant properties in the left-hand panel and then edit user permissions there. 

For more details about setting user permissions, as well as an explanation of each user permission set see the article: Content Manager User Permissions and Roles Explained

To edit an existing user:

  1. “Search” or find their name in the list of users
  2. Hover over their row and select the “...” button at the right to see more options
  3. Select “Edit User” to modify their contact details
  4. Select “Edit Roles/Permissions” to modify what they can access in Content Manager
  5. Select “Delete User” to remove their account

To bulk edit multiple users' permissions:

  1. Select relevant users by clicking on the checkboxes next to their name
  2. Select "Bulk Edit Permissions" on the top right, this button will be grey unless 2+ users are selected
  3. In the new window, first choose whether you want to Add, Remove or Reset permissions from the selected users. At the brand level, you will also have the option to "Reset" users
  4. Check off the permissions you are looking to either Add or Remove from that group of users 
  5. Hit "Save" to update 

For a closer look at managing users, watch the video tutorial above. Contact your Account Manager for any additional help.

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