Technology Spotlight: Room Types

Your Guest Rooms are Important. 

Guest room photos are the number one image type that travel shoppers want to see when researching hotels online. And that's because they want to know the details of the room they're booking. So, making it easy for the travel shopper to understand what's included in a particular room type is extremely important - it's also a great way to convince a travel shopper to spend more on an upgrade.

Many hotel brands are doing this right on, but sometimes fall short when it comes to sharing that sames content with third party travel websites. But now, Room Type functionality in Content Manager makes it easy to define your room codes and associated images in Content Manager, and send that content on to travel channels and in a consistent and automated way.

Room Types & Content Manager

With the addition of Room Type functionality in Content Manager, room codes and their associated images and descriptions can be input into Content Manager once, and then distributed to VNetwork channels that are setup to ingest this content. Additionally, a subscription for Content Manager Room Type Galleries means room type content can also be displayed in Multi Media Galleries on 

The benefit is a streamlined workflow and the ability to ensure consistent content across channels.

In Content Manager a Room Type includes:

  • A room code
  • A room code description
  • Associated room images

Room Types can be created in Content Manager in two ways:

  1. Imported into Content Manager via a Room Type IMS (Inbound Media Sync).
  2. Manually input into Content Manager (learn how here)

When adding your Room Types in Content Manager, keep the following in mind:

  • Add at least 4 images per room type, including 1 bathroom image
  • Make sure that you are providing consistent room codes across channels

Displaying Room Type Content on

Once room type associations have been created in Content Manager, you can send this content to and other chain websites using Leonardo’s Multi Media Galleries.

These galleries allow the chain to show travel shoppers a complete story for each of their room types with an integrated media gallery. Travel shoppers can now browse through the different room types, see media items specific to each room type, as well as read through the important details of each room.

Distributing Room Type Content to Third Party Travel Websites

If you're a chain using Content Manager, once you have associated room type information to an image, that data is automatically sent to channel partners that pull that information and use it to match room images to individual room types and rates. 

For more information, read about creating room types in Content Manager here. 

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