Pre-Website Launch Checklist: 5 Things to Look Out for When Reviewing Your Vanity Website

To prepare for your pre-website launch strategy call, ensure that you take the time to review your new Vizlly site for any changes you’d like to make. This is your opportunity to offer your feedback and correct any inaccuracies in the content so that your Success Coach and Storyteller can make sure your website is in a position to go live after your call.

We have provided below a guideline of the important pages and website elements to look out for when reviewing your new website. No one knows your hotel better than you do, and we want to make sure we’re providing potential travel shoppers with all the right information about your unique property.

Review Checklist

1. Home Page

Think of this as a travel shopper’s virtual first impression of your hotel. The front page of your website showcases your hotel profile and is viewed by business and leisure travel shoppers alike.

Take a quick scan of your website’s homepage to see the images in the rotating carousel. Do these images best reflect your property?  When scrolling through the content, take note of the elements of your hotel that have been highlighted. Are there any important details about your hotel’s story that are missing on this page?

2. Rooms Page

Your website’s rooms should match your booking engine to provide a seamless experience for travel shoppers. Ensure that your rooms all have the correct name, photos, and information listed so that your guests can easily book the room type that they want. 

3. Amenities Page

We want to make sure travel shoppers are aware of all the different amenities and services that your property offers! Your guests will appreciate how much information your website provides and further entice them to book directly with you. Take a look at your amenities page to double-check information, such as available hours of specific facilities. 

4. Things To Do Page

It’s easy to share personalized recommendations and your local area expertise with potential guests on your vanity website. Share the top attractions that past guests have enjoyed when they stayed at your hotel for future travel shoppers to read about.

Our research team has included targeted attraction pages with transactional keywords to increase organic traffic to your website as a part of your overall SEO strategy. Your Things To Do page is your opportunity to highlight local points of interest to inspire your guests!

Maximizing Your Long-Tail Keywords

Your SEO Keyword Strategy has been designed to maximize your organic traffic and attract travel shoppers to your website with long-tail keywords. This means each page of your website contains keyword-optimized content, with these specific keywords placed in the title of each page and incorporated throughout the website content.

For example, the H1 on your website homepage will usually include “hotel in location” within the phrase. This keyword signals to Google what the page is about and acts as a target for search queries that contain the same keyword. It’s important that these keywords stay in your content and shouldn’t be removed.

Approving Your New Website

After you’ve reviewed your website, send us any edits, questions, or comments you may have and we will make any changes needed before our call. On our call, we’ll do our best to complete any existing edits you may have and get your site ready to go live!

Still missing some photos or waiting for a new on-site restaurant to finish renovations? No problem. We provide our customers with one monthly edit where you can make changes to your website that reflect any updates at your hotel.

The initial review stage is your opportunity to really perfect your website. This is your time to give your feedback and work with your success team to create the best possible website for your hotel. Make sure to go through our checklist above when reviewing your website preview so we can get your website up and running.

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