How to find and understand Content Manager Reports


Watch the video tutorial to learn more:

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Content Manager reporting gives hoteliers the data needed to make informed, strategic decisions about their media. Analyze and audit property-level media with two easy to understand reports.  

Reports look at individual properties, not overall brand performance. So first, select the property you want to see reports for. 

There are two types of reports: distribution and media. The Distribution report shows you which media is in distribution and its current status. Media Report shows the overall health, quantity and quality of the content for each property. 

To use the Distribution Report:

  1. Click “Reports” in the top menu and select “Distribution Reports”
  2. If needed, sort by the columns at the top of the report to arrange media by caption, category, update, progress, and status
  3. Hover over the progress bar to see when media will be consumed by 5 major channels
  4. When the progress bar shows as “complete,” your media has been sent to our full network of channels
  5. Click “Download Report” to receive a CSV record of all media in distribution

To use the Media Report:

  1. Click “Reports” in the top menu and select “Media Report”
  2. “Media Quality” breaks down your media by type and resolution. All of your media should be high resolution.
  3. Media by Category” are the top media categories channels require for a high-performing property—they do not necessarily reflect your specific property. You want this graph to look as full as possible with images categorized to these top categories where applicable. 
  4. “Room type image” shows what percentage of the media you have categorizedas a room image is mapped to a specific room type code. 
  5. “Copyright media” shows what percentage of your media has copyright information  
  6. “Image freshness” tells you the age of your media and gives you an idea of when you last updated it.
  7. You can download a full CSV file that shows how these sub-reports were calculated

For a closer look at reporting, watch the video tutorial above. Contact your Account Manager for any additional help.


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