Introducing Content Manager: Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know the new Content Manager. We have built a streamlined interface with new features to simplify visual content management and distribution. To make the switch from VScape to Content Manager seamless, we’ve compiled the answers to some of the frequently asked questions you may have as you get up and running on the new platform.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager.


Does CM run on flash?

No it does not! We have moved off Flash entirely.


How do I get started the new platform?

Switching couldn’t be simpler: your properties, media, and data are already in Content Manager. Login to the new URL with your existing VScape credentials to get started today!


Is there a date I need to switch to Content Manager by?

We are not planning on turning off VScape access, so your team can switch according to your schedule. However, Flash will no longer be supported by Google Chrome by the end of this year so we strongly recommend you switch before then. Switching over now gives your team more time to get up to speed on the new platform, including the brand-new features we’ve added to simplify media management.

If you need help onboarding your team to the new platform, we’re here to help.


Will I still be able to access VScape?

The VScape interface will be available until December 2020, while Google is still supporting Flash.  For the remainder of 2020 you will be able to access both VScape and Content Manager.


Are there any training guides for using CM?

Yes, we’ve published a series of videos that walk you through core tasks here.  Check back often as we’ll be continuing to add new how-to and best practice videos!


What exciting new features should I know about?

We’ve completely rebuilt the product’s user interface to make core functionality and new features easy to access. Here are some new features:

  • In App Dashboard and reports to track and audit media within Content Manager
  • Drag and drop media uploads
  • Streamlined categorization
  • Bulk actions
  • Simplified room type management

To learn more about how these features can help save you time and money reach out to your account manager.


How is the content score calculated in the Media Report?

We worked closely with travel channel partners like Expedia and to understand their content score algorithm. Using that information and general best practices, we built the content score calculation. It is based off these key metrics: categorization, media quality (based on resolution), media age, as well as how many images have room codes or copyright information.


Can I mange room codes at a corporate level?

Yes. You can create and set room codes at the corporate level for your properties. These codes can then be applied at the property level to media. Individual properties can also continue to manage their room codes. 


How do I add photos to my room codes at a property level?

There are two ways to do this at a property level: you can create a room type for the property either by adding a brand new room code or pulling from the list of codes created at the brand level. Once you have a room type set, you then add media to that room type. Alternatively, you can add individual photos to a room type by clicking on the photo. Go here for in-depth overview and video tutorial.


How does the copyright management work?

Photos uploaded to Content Manager retain copyright data encoded on the file itself. You can also go into each piece of media and add additional copyright information, including a copyright expiry date.

We are currently working on a feature to automate expiry notifications. If you are interested in this feature, contact your Account Manager about how we can help.


How do I search for properties in my account – I have 100s?

It’s easy! Click the search icon (the magnifying glass) in the top right of the interface. From there you can search for a property or media file. This powerful search can help you find properties, and it can search globally, within an organization, or within a property. For example you can search for “pool” to see every photo of a pool across all properties.


Can I assign multiple properties to a single user all at once? Or do I have to go into each property like I do with VScape?

This is not currently a feature in Content Manager. Email your Account Manager or contact for help assigning users to properties.



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