Media Library Best Practices

Find ways to better leverage your brand new Media Library. Our Best Practices offer tips and tricks to more efficiently manage your digital assets and create a streamlined system that works for your properties and partners. 

Customize Your Login Page

Maintain your branding across all platforms! 80% percent of your new Media Library login page can be customized.  Reach out to your Account Manager to make changes to the main cover photo, logo, brand colors or terms and conditions.

Categorize Media that’s Not Property Specific

Collections render as custom folders in Media Library for displaying media that’s not property-specific, such as shared stock images and logos. Create Media Containers in Content Manager and they will display in Media Library as Collections for your partners to download with ease.

Who Should Be Assigned the Owner Role

Every account must have a single, unique Owner who will not receive emails about user activity. The Owner is traditionally the initial contact from your Media Library contract.

If your role requires email notifications about user activity, ask your Account Manager to change you to an admin and select a different member of your team to be the Owner.

Visit this article for information about user management.

Linking On Your Website

Add a link to your Media Library on your website for your partners so your partners can register for access to view and download your digital assets. Our hyperlink best practices are to add your Media Library to the main website navigation or in the footer. Media Library sits on its own URL so the link should be set to always open in a new tab allowing users to easily return to your website when they are done in Media Library.

Media Library is responsive, so it can easily be linked to in other responsive websites for a seamless user experience!


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