How to Manage Users in Media Library

Invite users to download your digital assets with Media Library, a user-centric product designed for better usability and accessibility than the previous Private Digital Library. Assign the appropriate role to each of your users, whether they’re a vendor needing access to specified properties or digital content managers needing the tools to manage all new and existing users.

Role Breakdown

There are three types of users in Media Library, each with different levels of access to the platform. An email can only be registered and assigned in one type of role so choose carefully. Learn more about which role suits each of your team members, partners, and digital content managers.


The Owner is created when Media Library is set up and is usually assigned to the person who signs the initial contract. Every account must have its own unique Owner, and this role is not expected to use Media Library regularly.  You can select a different Owner with the help of your Account Manager.

Email Notifications: Owners do not receive emails about user activity.

Management: Owners can invite, approve, reject, and remove all other users including Admins.



Admins are the power users who will be accessing Media Library on a regular basis.

They have access to all properties in your Media Library and will be administering the platform on behalf of the company. Admins will define which properties individual Readers will have access to.

Email Notifications: Admins will receive emails to approve new users and can be notified when new invitations are sent out. You can mute these notifications under ‘Settings’ then ‘Profile’.

Management: Admins can approve, reject, and remove users.


Readers are typically partners and vendors who need access to your digital assets to complete work for your company. Readers can log in to view and download media for one or more properties, as specified by your Admin.

Ask your Account Manager about creating Readers in bulk. Bulk Created users will receive an email and have to set up a password to complete registration. They will all become Readers with access to all properties by default


Accessing Media Library

When accessing Media Library Users have 2 options:

1. Request Access. You can request access from the Media Library login page.  From the Media Library login page you can can self register by selecting ‘Sign Up’. All new registrations require approval from an Admin unless the account is set up for auto-approval.



2. Invite Users.  Admins and Owners can also invite new users via the “Add User” button on the Admin page within Media Library:



Fill in the required fields including first and last name and email address.  Select the permissions level you'd like to assign and determine which properties they should have access to (all or a selected group).  Once this is done click the "Done" button in the top right corner.



Invited users will receive an email inviting them to access your Media Library.  The invited user must then click the invitation to register and set-up their unique password.

PDL Migration

Migrating over to our new platform? Make the move as streamlined as possible with bulk creation of Reader level users. You can choose to migrate all or some of the existing users.

Note that current PDL username/password combinations cannot be used to access Media Library.  Bulk created users will be sent an invitation to register and set-up their unique password.

Ask your Account Manager to assist with your user migration from PDL or assigning a unique Owner for your Media Library!

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