How To Upload and Manage Media in Media Library

Share your digital assets with the newly-designed Media Library, your branded media gallery with controlled access for external and internal users. Media Library is the new and improved version of Leonardo’s Private Digital Library (PDL), giving hotel chains the opportunity to do more with their media.

How to Upload Media

All of your hotel chain’s media is organized in one place: Content Manager. Add images to Content Manager for each specific property. From there, your photos, videos, and 360 virtual tours will automatically sync from Content Manager to Media Library.

Sync with Media Library

Now that your images are all stored and categorized in Content Manager, your Media Library acts as your external Digital Management System to share your assets with vendors and other external and even internal partners looking to download your brand approved media.

To sync your media with Media Library, you need to ensure that the media is active by setting the proper distribution status.

  • “Media Library Only” is for photos that you only want sent to Media Library and not into full distribution.
  • “Full Distribution” is for photos that you want displayed everywhere.

Changing this status will send a signal to push the media to selected channels.

If you want to add or remove content that’s currently in your media library, follow these steps:

  1. In the media tab, Hover over an image and open the overflow menu in the top righthand corner of the thumbnail
  2. Select “Change Distribution Status.”
  3. Change the Media Status to ‘Full Distribution’ to sync with all channels or ‘Set Media Library Only’.


To show up in Media Library, properties must have active media. Properties will not be listed unless you’ve uploaded content into them.

Managing Categories in Your Media Library

Enhance your user experience and make better use of Media Library with different categories. These are useful to external and internal users navigating through your digital assets.

Image categories must be assigned in Content Manager. These categories will then sync with Media Library.

To assign categories, first log in to Content Manager and select your property. Select “Edit Media Details” on an individual image. Scroll down to Category and select the appropriate designation from the dropdown menu or use the search functionality to find the category you’re looking for.


When in Media Library, categories are listed on the left-hand side. Select ‘Show All’ to see all Categories that are available.


Users can also filter by Media Type in Media Library to quickly locate documents, videos, and virtual tours.

Looking for more ways to sort media? Collections are a useful way to gather non-property specific media such as shared stock photos, corporate headshots, and logos.

Who Can Use Media Library?

Media Library allows you to share your digital assets to any external user (press, vendors, etc.) or internal user (your sales or marketing teams) that you choose to grant access to.

The brand-new Media Library now allows you to easily invite employees, partners, and vendors to quickly access your digital inventory. The person you invite can view and download media within just a few clicks of registering and logging in. With each new user, you have the power to limit their access to select properties and approve all new user requests.

Read more about user roles and specifying access in Media Library.

Linking Out to Share

Your Media Library is an extended offering from your website, containing assets such as corporate branding and photography that is appropriate for representing your properties.

Add your Media Library to the main website navigation or in the footer as an easy-to-find resource for external users. Media Library is responsive, so it can easily be linked to other responsive websites for a seamless user experience.

Remember that Media Library sits on its own URL so it is best to set the link to always open in a new tab; this ensures that users can easily return to your website when they are finished with Media Library.

Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more about how to best leverage your digital assets with Media Library.


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