Social Media Tips for Promoting Your Hospital Partnership During COVID-19

During these uncertain times, we’ve seen hotels leverage their unique position in the industry and partner with their local government and hospitals to provide safe accommodations for essential workers and alternate care sites for overwhelmed hospitals.

Has your hotel partnered with a local hospital? Use your social media to share some good news during uncertain times, raise brand awareness for your hotel, and even help to promote any crowdfunding initiatives you’re implementing to help your local community.

Read our tips below on promoting your local hospital partnership on social media and how to effectively promote a crowdfunding campaign for these initiatives!

Share Guest Reviews & Experiences

One way to promote your partnership is by publishing reviews from guests (in this case, hospital and medical staff) or experiences on your social media pages.

Here is an example of a regular guest review published on the Instagram account for Soho Farmhouse:

Source: Soho Farmhouse Instagram

In the same way, you can leverage and publish reviews from health care workers. Sharing their positive experiences that tell a unique story or even a fun anecdote about their stay at your hotel. 

The types of posts can vary and do not have to always be a quoted review or experience. Here are some ideas to consider for what to post:

  • Video Testimonies – Record short snippets of any healthcare workers willing to go on video and share something positive from their experience staying at your hotel! Video content can be fun, inspirational, and positive, and will add authenticity to your story.
  • Share the Press! - Your partnership with local hospitals will likely capture media attention and sharing that type of coverage will add more to your story of this partnership. Here is a sample post by The Burrard Hotel sharing a news segment of their partnership with St. Paul’s Hospital:

Source: The Burrard Hotel Instagram

  • Share Your Hotel’s Procedures & Policies – While most of your social media content may focus on the perspective of healthcare workers staying at your hotel, you can also showcase the extra precautions your staff is taking to ensure all rooms are clean and the environment is safe for healthcare workers. Showing these extra measures will help increase your hotel’s brand awareness and create more incentive for donating to your crowdfund campaign.

Quick Tip: Our keyword research shows that people are engaging with content that highlights “clean rooms” and “clean hotels”. Travel shoppers want to see how hotels are updating their cleaning practices for future stays. Be sure to post content detailing your cleaning processes with these keywords added!

Pin Posts at the Top of All Your Social Media Pages  

As you drive attention to your partnership and crowdfunding campaign through your social media accounts, keep your audience engaged with regular posts and updates, and also make it simple and easy for supporters to connect to your crowdfunding page and donate.

One way to do this is by pinning that link at the top of your social media pages. This will make it easy for followers and people who stumble upon your social media profiles to see the most important information at the top and a quick call-to-action to visit your crowdfunding page.

Take this example by Well Aware and their “Shower Strike” campaign to help reduce water usage and raise awareness. Here, their pinned post for their Twitter page is short, engaging, and includes a CTA to participate in their initiatives:

Source: Well Aware Twitter

To pin posts to your social media pages:

  1. Create an engaging, inspiring, or informative post that will capture your readers’ attention, along with a CTA link to the crowdfunding campaign page. Make sure to create these posts across all your active social media accounts that allow you pin them to the top, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  2. After creating and publishing the post, locate and select the option on the post to “pin” at the top of the page. 

Create a Unique Hashtag for Your Partnership

In the early stages of your partnership with a local hospital, you may want to consider creating a unique hashtag for your partnership—more specifically, for your crowdfunding campaign that’s supporting your partnership, if you have one.

This will not only allow you to organize your posts into one topic page but will also encourage people to join the conversation surrounding your partnership efforts and spread the message. For Well Aware’s “Shower Strike” campaign, they created the hashtag #showerstrike, which made it easy for followers to show their support:

Source: Well Aware Facebook

Creating a unique hashtag for your hospital partnership and crowdfunding campaign can be fun and easy! Play around with your hotel’s name and relevant keywords to create a hashtag that best resonates with your partnership. Examples:

  • #[hotel name] supportsfrontlineworkers
  • #wehousefrontlineworkers
  • #doctorsstayfreeat [hotel name]

Create a Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Campaign

While spreading awareness with good content about your partnership with local hospitals across social media is incentive enough for people to support your cause, a little extra motivation can go a long way for your crowdfunding campaign.

One easy way to do this is creating a “reward” system within your crowdfunding campaign. Different levels of donations can reward supporters with incentives specific to your hotel, such as free stays, discounted rates on rooms, special offers or packages, etc.

If your hotel doesn’t quite hold the budget for offering those types of rewards, you can allocate different donation levels to further help the hospital partnership, like providing extra personal protection equipment.

For Well Aware’s campaign, different donation levels indicate how much the contribution helps the cause and the community it’s positively impacting:

Source: Well Aware Kindest

 Looking for more tips on how to promote your hospital partnership? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today!

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