Technology Spotlight: Updated Customization Options for Multi-Media Galleries

Leonardo’s Multi-Media Galleries are a great way to showcase hotel photos and rich media on websites and third-party travel sites. A well-designed media gallery can provide an overview of what your brand and property have to offer, giving relevant and timely information where travel shoppers are looking for it.

Multi-Media Galleries have been a favorite feature of our customers for years. Lately, the team at Leonardo has been working to give our Multi-Media Galleries for chains and channels an update, offering customers more customization options and further control over the look of the gallery, while still maintaining the responsive functionality.

The updated themes include Dock, Reflection, Edge, Frame and the Thumbnail Gallery.

If you have Multi-Media Galleries on your chain site or travel website, you might notice the updated look.

Here’s what’s new with Leonardo’s Multi-Media Galleries:

Light and Dark Theme Options

Choose between a light or dark theme, selecting the option that looks best on Both options are available out of the box, without additional coding. You can make this change from dark to light with an easy CSS snippet supplied by our team.


Dark Gallery Theme


Light Gallery Theme

Updated Icons

The icons on Multi-Media Galleries have been updated to reflect a more modern theme.

Increased Customization Options

To make it easy for you to keep on brand, we’ve added more customization options to your Multi-Media Gallery. Many of these changes can be made with CSS snippets. Now you can customize:

  • Theme color, either light or dark
  • Hide control bar
  • Add rounded corners to the viewer
  • Turn off reflections under thumbnails
  • Gallery colors to help you stay on brand

Why the Updates?

Every chain and channel’s website has its own look and feel. While the functionality of Leonardo’s Multi-Media Galleries worked well, we understood that brands and travel websites would benefit from increased customization options. With these new updates, you have the content you know and love, plus more control over the look and feel.

It’s easy to make changes to your Multi-Media Gallery with CSS snippets. All of the existing viewer functionality will remain, including accessibility requirements and responsive functionality.   

How to Make the Changes

You might have already noticed the fresh look of your Multi-Media Gallery. If you’d like to further customize the gallery, contact your Account Manager for more details.

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