Technology Spotlight: Multi-Media Gallery Customization

Leonardo offers advanced media display technology allowing hotel chains to display their visual content in the most effective way possible on Multi-Media Galleries are highly customizable for seamless integration with any existing site.

Multi-Media Display Galleries:

  • Engage travel shoppers on any screen – computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Are available in multiple formats and layouts
  • Support the display of multimedia visual content including photos, virtual tours and videos

The use of Multi-Media Galleries ensures that updates made to content are reflected in near real-time wherever galleries are being displayed.

Leonardo’s Multi-Media Galleries are a great way to showcase a hotel's photos and rich media on its website and third-party travel sites. A well-designed Web Gallery can provide an overview of what the hotel has to offer, giving relevant and timely information where travel shoppers are looking for it.

Below is an overview of customization options available with Leonardo's Multi-Media Galleries.

Gallery Placement and Themes

The great thing about having a Multi-Media Gallery installed on is that once it's installed updates made to your visual content (in Content Manager or through an inbound feed) can be automatically reflected in the gallery in near real-time – eliminating the need to make manual updates in multiple locations.

Install as many galleries as you’d like, wherever dynamic visual content is displayed on your site.

The uses for galleries on your site are endless, but possible uses include:

  • As the banner image or “hero image” on the home page for a hotel
  • On the photo gallery page for a hotel
  • To display amenity specific visual content e.g. Meeting and Event gallery on an events page for a hotel
  • To display guest room specific content on your rooms pages

Below are examples of some of the customizable themes to choose from:

1. Dock (Responsive Theme)

This responsive gallery theme puts the photos front and center, and is flexible depending on the design and layout of the website. The thumbnails are hidden so the photos fill the entire screen. See below for an example:

2. Edge

This gallery theme displays thumbnail images on the right side of the gallery. See below for an example:

3. Frame

Thumbnail images are displayed on the right side of this gallery theme. In addition, the gallery appears framed. See below for an example:

4. Reflection (Responsive Theme)

This responsive gallery theme displays thumbnail images at the bottom of the gallery, and is flexible depending on the design and layout of the website. See below for an example:

5. Thumbnail Theme

This gallery theme is usually used for smaller galleries, and is flexible depending on the design and layout of the website. See below for an example:

6. Hero Gallery

This gallery is displayed at the top of your website page, in a banner style. See below for an example:

Easily Organize Your Content with Customized Tabs and Categories

Tabs are used to divide and organize the content in your gallery to various sections. You can call the tabs in your gallery whatever you want – a default configuration could be as simple as Photos, Videos, Virtual Tours, or you could choose something more descriptive, like Dining Options, Area Attractions, etc. Each tab can also be mapped to specific OTA-recognized categories – such as Guest Room, Exterior, Restaurant, etc. Category-to-tab mappings ensure that all content of a particular category will be automatically added to appropriate tabs (no manual work required). If you don’t want auto-mapping, you can manually define what content goes where in Content Manager. When implementing a Multi-Media Gallery on your site, you’ll be able to define your tab names as well as the content categories that you would like to have automatically associated with each of those tabs.

Below is an example of a chart detailing some tab names along with the image categories that automatically map to each tab:







Guest Room


Recreational Facilities

Other Hotel Services / Amenities



Meeting Room

Business Center


Local Attractions




Here’s an example of what a gallery’s tabs and associated content looks like:

Colors + Font + Size

The look and feel of your gallery – including the color and font – can be completely customized to integrate with your existing website. What colors would you like for your gallery? These colors should be specified in a hex value.  Here are the customizable color options for your gallery:

  • Background color (may also be transparent)
  • Thumbnail / Tab selection color
  • Font color

You may also choose the initial size (footprint) you would you like your gallery to be. An important thing to consider when choosing a size is the aspect ratio. The ideal aspect ratio for the viewing area in the gallery is 4:3

Other Options

If you wish to have your gallery displayed in another language, you may provide us with the necessary translations. The gallery also has a Share Button. This allows the media item to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. 


With Leonardo’s Multi-Media Galleries, you can easily make updates to your content (in Content Manager or through a feed), and they are reflected in the gallery in near real-time. We also provide you with a variety of ways to customize your galleries so that they integrate seamlessly with your website. If you’re subscribed to Multi-Media Galleries and want to make sure you’re maximizing use and impact, contact your Account Manager for a review. Not sure if you’re subscribed to galleries? Contact your Account Manager and we’ll help you figure it out.

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