3 Options for Video Creation

Though the effort required to create, edit and publish videos is often greater than text and photos, the popularity and storytelling power of online video often make the efforts worthwhile. And truthfully, video creation doesn't have to be as difficult as you may think!

When it comes to hospitality marketing, there are three types of video that you can use. Whatever the option you choose, be sure to keep your videos snackable.

Three Types of Video to Consider:

1. Professionally Created.

When you think about video for your property, professionally produced pieces are probably the first thing that comes to mind. Video created by professionals will give you the polished look you crave, but there are a lot of options for additional consideration. Instead of creating one stiff overview video, let your imagination take the lead. Video is one of the most flexible mediums available to you, so consider the creative ways you can showcase your property, including reviews and testimonials, hosted profiles with employees, video tours, behind the scenes at events and more.

2. In-House Production.

Equipped with an iPhone and imagination, you can create an engaging video on your own. Keeping it short and snackable, keep your phone or recording device handy at events to catch candid moments or guest comments. Capturing an authentic feel; capturing “in the moment” events that can’t be scheduled in advance; timely, short videos that can be shared via social networks.

3. Guest Generated.

Seeing your property through the eyes of your guests can give you an entirely fresh perspective and identify new facets of your story. Encourage guests to tag you in videos they take at your property, or ask them to share video reviews. Tapping into what guests are saying about your property will give you insight in to the story they are experiencing, and give you the opportunity to amplify it.

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