How Content Manager Processes Duplicate Images

With Content Manager you have the power to load many images to the system and also give multiple users access to manage your content. With several users and so many sources, it’s possible for duplicate images to be loaded to the platform.

Duplicate images on the syndication partner channels could become a headache to manage, but with Content Manager's duplicate image detection process, these headaches go away!

Here’s how Content manager processes duplicate images:

  1. When you load images into Content Manager, our systems examine the images and compare them with the others you’ve loaded to see if you have this image already in our system.
  2. If the system identifies duplicate images, it groups it together. In Content Manager, you will only see the one image, the best quality image, and this is the one that will be sent out to our syndication partners.

    3. If you’d like to see all your duplicate grouped images, simply click on the Filter button, then Show Duplicates to reveal any duplicated images. 



    4. Every time you load an image, this image will be compared to these groups and slotted into one, or         create a new colored group. All done effortlessly behind the scenes so you don’t have to. 

    5. The feeds to our partners will automatically pick the best image from each group to send out, no             worries about duplicate images being sent.

If you have any questions about how Content Manager manages duplicate content, contact your Account Manager.

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