Workflow and Approval - How it Works

For Hotel Properties:

Once you log into Content Manager, you’ll have access to the properties designated by the corporate Administrator. You’ll be able to view all content loaded to your property but you won’t have full access to manage the content for that property.

When you add an image to Content Manager, it will first go through regular processing and image sizing. Once completed, your image will await brand approval. This means that your image is not in syndication and has not been picked up on our feeds.


The administrator of the account will be notified that an image is awaiting approval before it can be activated. It will say "Awaiting Approval" as the status under the photo. 

When the image is approved, it will change into the full distribution state and you will have control over the image. 



If the administrator rejects this image, the state of the image will change to "Distribution Rejected."


The administrator of the account will have to remove this rejected image. Brand Approval can be used for all forms of media including images, virtual tours and videos. It can be also applied to caption and category changes.

For the Corporate Approver:

When properties are loading images into Content Manager for brand approval, the corporate approver will be notified by email that the images or metadata are awaiting brand approval. You can then log into Content Manager, click "Manage Media" at the corporate level (see screenshot below) and then "Media Approval" to see all media waiting approval. 


Here is where you can see all the media awaiting approval across your properties. You can approve, decline or even edit the caption or categories of the submitted media. Images that are approved will immediately be queued for syndication to our partner channels.

Use the boxes on the left to bulk approve or reject media. 


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