How to manage and delete duplicates in Content Manager

Content Manager’s image processing software automatically optimizes media before we send them to direct and indirect channels. By doing so, we guarantee that you always meet third-party quality requirements, and we guarantee travel channels high quality media feeds. For more about the full optimization process, see the Journey of an Image.

A key step in this process is an automatic de-duplication check. Uploading two versions of the same photo is a common mistake, and we make sure travel channels never show duplicates. When you upload media, our software scans it pixel by pixel to ensure that it is a unique file that does not match any images in your existing gallery. We then send only the best quality version. 

To keep your gallery organized, we recommend deleting extra files. What’s more, occasionally the system may mark two images as the same when they are not.

Resolving duplicates

If Content Manager detects duplicates, you will see a “Resolve Duplicates” button in the top right of your gallery.


Clicking on “Resolve Duplicates” will bring up the panel below, where you can see all files Content Manager has flagged as duplicates.

In this panel, go through and unmark any separate media files by selecting the relevant media file. This will allow the two individual files to be distributed to travel channels separately.

If the images are true duplicates—two versions of the same media file—you must unmark them as duplicates prior to deleting the unnecessary file. To avoid sending duplicates to travel channels we have grouped the files together. If you delete one photo before unmarking it as a duplicate, you will delete both files.


Once you have unmarked all files as duplicates, delete the unnecessary media files in your gallery by clicking the ellipsis icon in the corner and selecting “Delete Media” from the drop-down menu.

If you have any questions about managing, resolving, or deleting duplicates, contact your Account Manager today!


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