Not All Image Management is Equal - How Leonardo Dominates Distribution

As a travel chain or channel, you know the impact quality images make on your business. Media distribution is critical to increasing bookings, making it an issue that’s impossible to ignore.

Leonardo has been a trailblazer in hospitality image management for many years, but are you aware of why Leonardo is the industry leader when it comes to media management and distribution?

While other companies strive to provide image distribution to hotel chains and channels, their process is undefined and even chaotic at times. You can’t be confident of image quality, sizes, delivery, or even whether there are duplicates of some media.


To make the right impression online and inspire travel shoppers to book, sloppy media simply will not do.

With Leonardo, hotel media goes on a journey from the time it's uploaded to Content Manager to when it's displayed on travel channels and in Multi Media Galleries.

Once media is uploaded, it’s assigned an OTA category and caption to streamline processing when the media is received by channels.

After your content is uploaded and categorized, Content Manager technology begins to work its magic. The first step is a deduplication process where existing content for the property is scanned to ensure the new image doesn’t already exist. Seeing low quality, duplicate images will not inspire travel shoppers to make a booking. By undergoing the deduplication process, you’re giving the right impression to travel shoppers but avoiding the manual work of editing out duplicate images one by one.

Once your media is validated, up to 13 image sizes are generated for each image to accommodate the unique requirements of each of our channel partners. Every chain and channel is different, but with the Leonardo process, the right sizes and shapes are delivered to the right places, further showcasing your media in the best possible light.


Beautifully resized, de-duplicated and brand approved content is delivered to Leonardo’s channel partners through Leonardo Outbound Media Synchronization process (OMS)

Best of all, all content library updates are marked with a time stamp, indicating to channel partners when new content is available to ingest.

Finally, your content arrives at its final destination – In front of thousands of travel shoppers on the many channels potential guests use to research and book travel! Your media tells your story on Media Galleries, Content Manager Powered Media Library, and on hundreds of direct VNetwork Channels.

No wonder other distribution efforts can’t compare! Leonardo has built a timely, strategic process so you can rest assured that your media is being displayed and distributed properly to the largest network of travel channels. While others may claim to distribute media, there is a difference between sending it out, versus sending it out with care.

Learn more about the journey your media takes with Leonardo.

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