Spotlight on the Leonardo Support Team

Leonardo aims to help hotels, chains and channels improve their digital marketing through industry leading technology solutions. But the value we provide to our clients goes beyond our technology solutions to include the people behind the scenes who help make everything run smoothly.

Specifically, our Support Team is here to ensure that any issues are resolved in a timely manner with minimal impact on your day to day operations. Today we shine a light on our Support Team so you can get to know them, what they do, and how they stack up to other Support Teams in the industry.  


Meet the Leonardo Support Team

There are 6 members of the team that you may have already met. Alex, Amir, Keltie, Kim, Mitra, and Vlada make up the customer facing side of the team. They handle any and all requests from our clients: support tickets, questions, tasks, customer training, and onboarding are all done by these wonderful people, it keeps them busy. But behind them is a team of developers, technical experts and account managers that can be brought in to ensure any and all support issues are properly resolved.

What Happens When a Support Ticket is Submitted?

From the moment the Support Team receives a support ticket, they’re racing against the clock to ensure that issues are resolved in a timely manner. Tickets are time stamped when they’re submitted, and Service Desk Agents have a timer running that shows how quickly they need to respond based on our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

When a ticket is received by our team, it is initially triaged to evaluate the scope and urgency of the issue, as well as if this is an issue that could impact other clients, known as a problem ticket (more on that later).


After going through the triage process the ticket is passed on to one of the Service Desk Agents who will work on resolving the issue. Small issues are resolved quickly by the Service Desk Agents, but if the scope of the issue is larger than normal, they will escalate it to our team of developers who will find a solution.

When the problem has been adequately addressed and the ticket is closed, we automatically send a survey request to the client. The survey is used for 2 reasons:

  1. To make sure we addressed all of the client’s concerns.
  2. To improve the level of service our support team offers. If we receive a negative survey response, the service desk agent will immediately reach out to the client to rectify the situation. This becomes a learning tool so that we don’t make the same mistake twice and we adapt our response policies as needed.

Problem Tickets

As previously mentioned the Support Team works hard to identify problem tickets. These are issues that might affect multiple clients, not just the one that submitted the ticket. When dealing with problem tickets, our Support Team follows Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) problem management best practices.

A good way of looking at problem management is comparing the difference between symptoms and diseases. Instead of only solving the immediate problem that a customer is experiencing (the symptoms), we do a deep dive to find the cause behind the issue (the disease). By being proactive and working to identify the cause, our team can develop a solution to an issue before a client even needs to think about contacting support.


How Are We Doing?

Our Support Team uses Zendesk to track tickets. Not only does it keeps us organized, it also provides us with useful insights and stats to benchmark our level of service to other support teams around the globe.

We work hard to ensure we’re as responsive and thorough as possible, and it shows. Our first reply time is 31% faster than the average of other Support teams even though we receive 5 times the number of tickets due to the higher number of clients we have compared to other service teams.  

It’s clear that our clients appreciate the hard work that our Support team puts in every day. The overall satisfaction rating is currently at an amazing 97% compared to the industry average of 94%.

Perhaps most importantly we love getting feedback from our clients on how much they value the level of support we provide. Like this one from Athanasia Gkirini, Product Manager-Visual Content, trivago: “the service and support Leonardo provides is excellent. We have monthly calls with our dedicated Account Director and have access to a reliable technical support team.”

We’re constantly working to improve our products to reduce the likelihood that you even need to contact our Support Team. But when you do need help, you can trust that you’re in good hands who will work quickly and accurately to make sure the issue is resolved to your full satisfaction.



If you have any questions for our Support Team, don’t be shy, drop them an email at and they would be happy to help you with any request.


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