Channel Spotlight: is one of the largest online travel agents in the world, with over 400 million regular users. As a partner of Leonardo’s, they source media hotel brands using our solutions. 

Your content score on is a measurement of the quantity and quality of your media. According to, properties with scores above 85% receive 3x more bookings.

Boost your hotels' visibility with a high image score on

  • Quantity: for 0–3-star hotels, upload a minimum of 40 photos, for 4-5 star hotels, a minimum of 60 photos
  • Resolution: all images should be higher than 1280x800
  • Hero Image: set a featured image (the first photo in sequence in Content Manager), which must be high quality (1280x800 or larger)
  • Exterior & Public area: provide at least one photo of both the exterior of your hotel as well as the common areas
  • Room photos: upload minimum 4 photos of each room type, including 1 bed and 1 bathroom photo

For more information, read their Content Score Rules overview, as well as the breakdown of how to get a full 100 points

If you have any questions about improving your content scores across channels, reach out to your account manager.

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