Leonardo Launches a New API Connection with Expedia

Over the past several months, Leonardo has been working closely with Expedia to improve the delivery of content through a new API connection. Our latest setup allows you to exercise more control over your content how you want it, when you want it.

The new API connection keeps the process for hotel chains the same, while expediting distribution and feedback. The introduction of near real-time updates as well as a new alerting system will help us guarantee that chains can even more seamlessly update and share content on Expedia.

 What does this change mean for you? 

1. Near Real-Time Updates 

 2-3 day turnaround period. Now, updates appear in near real time, within an average of a couple of hours.

Rather than waiting for a daily update, every time you add, delete, or edit your hotel’s information on Content Manager or your feed, our updated system will send any new information immediately to Expedia. This includes changing images, updating the category, or modifying a room type.

This new system allows Expedia to process your information faster, enabling greater visibility of updates to your content scores and overall ranking in near real time.

2. Ability to Select Primary Property & Room Image 

With the new API connection, you will be able to identify the primary property image for your listing as well as the primary room photos for each of your room types. The Expedia API defines the first image in any sequence of photos of the same room as its primary photo.

Take more control over how your listing appears on Expedia by sequencing your images in Content Manager or identifying a sequence within your feed.

3. New Alerting

The API connection also introduces a new alerting system. This system will give our Support Team notice of any problems that requires troubleshooting, allowing for a faster resolution time.

To streamline this process, make sure you follow our guidelines on how to format your data and make all media changes on Content Manager or via your feed.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your account manager! 




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