First Impressions Matter: Control Your Primary Image on Expedia with Content Manager

Ensure you’re making the right first impression with your primary thumbnail on Expedia. With Leonardo’s new API connectivity with Expedia you can make sure you’re always giving travel shoppers the right first impression. Your primary photo is your first chance to inspire travel shoppers to stay with you. As this is the first picture they see, it also has a direct impact on click through rates and revenue.

Sequencing photos in your Content Manager library allows you to organize your photos in a way that tells each property’s unique story. The sequence also sets the primary photo on Expedia, as your first photo in your Content Manager library is now your primary thumbnail photo on Expedia.

We have expanded this functionality to help hotels centralize control over their photos. This makes it easier than ever to control your Expedia listing through one system, without logging into multiple extranets.

Setting a Primary Photo

We have been working closely with Expedia over the past few months to create a brand-new API connectivity. This increased the speed at which we can send, refresh, and update media. We also further integrated our technology, so that hotels can directly set the primary property photo and room type photos that appear on Expedia through Content Manager. 

Your primary property photo on Expedia is determined by the first photo in your Content Manager. To sequence photos, login to Content Manager, select the relevant property and click the “Resequence” button on the top right.


Then simply drag the image you’d like to be the primary image to the first slot.  Remember, this photo is your chance to make a first impression on every travel shopper browsing Expedia. Stand out by showcasing the features that make each property unique and give future guests an idea of what it’s like to stay at that property. Feature an exterior shot if your location is a selling point, or highlight amenities that help you stand out. Expedia recommends that you do not include bathrooms, spas, or dining areas as the primary photo.

Setting Primary Room Photos 

In addition to being able to set the primary image for the property, you can also use Content Manager to select the photo that will appear alongside each room under rates and availability.

Similar to the primary property photo, the first photo in your overall gallery sequence of each room type will be set as that room type’s primary image. This allows you to select your best photos of each room, and helps you take control of your property .

Expedia recommends a minimum of four photos of each room type, one of which should be a photo of the bathroom. If the room type has a kitchen or notable view, we recommend including that in the room photos as well. Your primary room photo is essential for up-sell opportunities, so be sure to set a photo that highlights that room’s notable features.


Example of primary room photos sequenced in Content Manager.  

When sequencing photos, make sure to use the best photo of that room, and never set a photo of the bathroom as the primary image. Having a bathroom photo as a room type’s primary image will lower your overall content score. If you do not set a room type feature image, Expedia will choose a selection of your property photos to display.

As with your primary image, to sequence images simply hit "Resequence" and press save once complete. For more information and step-by-step instructions, here’s how to sequence images on Content Manager

We are continuously adding new features and functionality to Content Manager to make it the single source of truth about our hotel partner’s media online. If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated Account Manager. 

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