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Take your digital marketing efforts to the next level with Media Library, a private digital library designed to easily share your visual assets. Media Library makes it easy to manage access for a multitude of users looking to download images, videos, and virtual tours of your hotels.

We’ve compiled some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about Media Library to help you get started.

Accessing Media Library

How can people get access to my Media Library?

There are two ways that people can get access.

  1. They Can Sign Up

They can sign up for an account  from the homepage of your Media Library. Once they submit a request, your Media Library Admin will receive a notification that someone is looking for access. The Admin can login and approve or reject the request.

  1. Send Them an Invite

You can send an invite to someone who wants access to your media. Under the Admin tab click the  ‘Add User’ button and fill out the form.

This will send the user an email that they’ve been invited. They can then complete the registration form and access the specific properties you’ve defined for them.

Do I need to send invites for Media Library to everyone who used to use my PDL? 

If you have just migrated from PDL to Media Library, ask your Account Manager to move over all users from your current PDL. We recommend just moving users that have been active in the last six months to keep your user list fresh.

Can I set my Media Library so that people automatically get access and I don’t need to approve requests?

Yes, you can set your Media Library to automatically approve new requests.  Your Account Manager can set this up for you.

 Why did I not receive an email when someone registered for access to my Media Library?

There are two types of users with authority in Media Library – Admins and the Owner. The Owner user does not receive any notifications to approve users. Only the Admin will be notified.

Make sure that you have the right type of user setup so you can receive emails.

Downloading and Searching for Images

Can I upload media to Media Library? 

No, media is managed through your Content Manager account. The two platforms sync to properly distribute media.

Can you download all of the images at once?

Yes! Media Library has a bulk download feature. You can select all images to be downloaded directly to your computer.

You can also download images one at a time or multi-select.

Are there multiples sizes of images to download?

At this time, you can only download the original image size. Users can choose to crop the images after downloading.

Based on the research we conducted while building out Media Library, the vast majority of downloads are of the original image. However, we are looking to add additional size options.

How can I find a specific photo?

There are three ways to find media. If you know the property or collection the file is associated to, either click the property name from the main Properties page of Media Library to see that property's full gallery. Or select Collections from the top navigation to see all collections and the media associated to them.

You can also select Media from the top navigation to search across all properties and collections. Search by file name or caption, as well as by specific type, category, or orientation. 

Filtering by Categories

Why can I see only six categories displayed on the filter?

You will be able to filter your media based on any categories you’ve assigned to images in Content Manager. Only six categories will display on the side preview pane. You will need to click ‘Show All’ in order to view the remaining categories. 

What filter options do I have?

When you first login, you can filter the property list by country or brand, if you have multiple brands.

At the media level, you can filter based on category, orientation, or media type. There is also a search bar which will allows you to search based on the media caption or category. After searching, you can determine which property a media file belongs to by clicking on a specific result and checking the Internal CRS code in the pop-up window. 


What are Collections?

Collections are folders used to categorize media that is not property-specific. Use Collections to share media such as shared company stock images, logos, and headshots.

How do you create Collections?

Collections are created and managed within Content Manager. Users with Admin level access in Content Manager can add these media containers and manage media within them.

Why are my Collections not displaying in Media Library?

Collections will only display when there is active media loaded in them.

It can take up to twenty-four hours before Collections will appear in Media Library. If you have just created the Collection or if you have just loaded or activated new media, you will need to wait for the two platforms to sync.

Are your questions still unanswered? Contact your Account Manager for more insight into Media Library!

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