What you need to think about to Launch Your Media Library 

We’re excited to help you set up your Media Library! We need to work together to set up your Media Library for use internally and externally 

Properties and media in Content Manager are automatically fed into Media Library, so the content process should be taken care of thereClick here to learn more about uploading content to Media LibraryHere’s what you need to do to prepare for the launch of your Media Library. 

Design and Branding  

Make your Media Library your own, customize the look and feel of your new Media Library. Here’s what you can set:  

  • URL (app.leonardoworldwide.net/YOURBRANDNAME) 
  • Brand Logo 
  • Brand color (via hex code) 
  • Featured image  
  • Terms & Conditions that users agree to when creating an account  



Note that there are 3 different types of users in Media Library: 

  • Owner: the very first user, which is created by our team. There can only be one owner account, this is typically someone who does not need day-to-day access and alerts 
  • Admin:  Unlimited number, has access to account creation and reporting along with media for all properties and collections  
  • ReaderUnlimited number, can only view and download media, and can be limited to specific properties or collections if needed  

To launch, we will need to know who the owner of the overall account should be. We can also help you bulk create accounts during set up if required. See this article for more information about how user accounts work in Media Library.  

Approval Process 

New users can either be invited to your Media Library, or they can request accessPrior to launch, you need to decide how uninvited users will be handled. Here are your options:  

  1. Auto ApprovalOnce the user has filled in their information and accepted your terms and conditions they will be approved and immediately have access to your full Media Library. If you don’t want to manage account requests and you’re comfortable with anyone accessing your brand approved content this is the best option for you. 
  1. Manual ApprovalWith this option, Admin users will be responsible for manually accepting users when they register. This option provides tighter control over who can and cannot access to your branded content.  

For more information, see the user creation and management article. 

Once you’ve provided the information we need about design, branding, and user accounts, we’re ready to launch! It's time to start promoting your Media Library with internal and external teams 


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