Your Media Library is Live! Now what? 

Media Library set up is complete – now it's time to make sure all of your potential users (internal and external) know about it and can easily access it! 

Your Media Library is essential to your brands integrity and securityBy providing internal and external stakeholders access to brand specific, brand approved content you're ensuring better representation online and offline. What’s more, by channeling all media requests through Media Library, you can monitor usage and downloads for strategic and security purposes.  

You’ve invested in this tool, and so thnext step is to make sure that internal and external teams know what Media Library is and where they can find it. 

Where to start? 

While Content Manager takes care of sharing your photos with revenue generating channels, there are many other places where your media needs to go: 

  • Internal teams creating print collateral and promotions 
  • PR staff integrating hotel photos in media pitches and marketing campaigns  
  • Third-party marketing agencies  
  • Media outlets writing news and property features 

How you announce your Media Library this to internal and external stakeholders should vary based on your organization and your vendors. We have put together some tips, tricksand templates to help you get started.  

Internal Launch 

Everyone inside your organization needs to know the exciting news that you now have Media Library! It’s highly likely that various departments are currently using email, Drobox, or, even worse, USB keys to respond to internal media requests and coordinate with external vendors. With your new Media Library, those days are in the past.  

  1. Get Users set-up with access. You have two options: you can either invite users to Media Library within the “Admin” panel, or you can have users create their own accounts. Click here to learn about creating and managing user accounts.  
    If you choose to use the latter option, here’s a template email announcement you can share to make sure everyone is on board: 

    Subject line: 
    New Media Library   

    Hello all!  

    We have recently launched a brand-new Media Library! This is a secure gallery full of brand approved media. Going forward, this library is the only way media should be shared internally or externally. It is also an internal resource of our media, giving everyone access to relevant, current photos of our properties.  

    To visit or share Media Library, please give out this URL: [Media Library URL]  

    [Brand] users and external vendors or partners can create their own accounts via the above link.  

    If you have any questions, contact [Media Library Admin]

  2. Make sure everyone at your organization has an easy way to access Media Library moving forward. After sharing this one-time announcement, put a link to Media Library in any relevant internal knowledge bases so that everyone knows it’s there and knows how to access the gallery itself. 

External Promotion 

To properly and continuously promote your Media Library externally we recommend following a similar procedure: 

  1. Directly invite existing vendors by creating accounts for them (see section above, Inviting Users, to generate an email invitation) or by sending out a mass email informing them of your new Media Library and encouraging them to create their own account. Here’s a template: 
    Subject line: Brand’s New Media Library  
    We have recently set up our new Media Library, which will give you access to the latest and best Brand media. We’ll be keeping this gallery up-to-date, so going forward if you need any media (images, videos, virtual tours) please visit: [Media Library URL]  
    Please use this gallery going forward, rather than sourcing media from our website or other channels, as this will give you a direct download for high-quality images that have been approved for use by us. 
    If you have any questions, contact [Media Library Admin] 
  2. Make it easy for new external users to locate and register for their own accounts. Link to Media Library somewhere on your website, for ease of access and to field requests without your team having to respond. Add a link to Media Library on your “Press” or “Media Centre” pages, or the footer of your website. 
    Place a link in your email signature, especially for teams that frequently receive media requests  

Next Steps 

Media Library should be visible to internal and external vendors even after your initial launch. Follow the above steps to keep an easy-to-access link to Media Library in hubs for internal (e.g., an intranet) and external (press section of your website) access. 

For any other tips or recommendations on promoting Media Library, contact your Account Manager.  


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