The Top 10 Hotel Images Travel Shoppers Want to See

When guests look at images of your property, which ones will have them pulling out their credit cards to book a night’s stay? 

Recent research from Leonardo tells us the top ten image types travel shoppers are craving – and the results clearly show us that what consumers want to see, are visuals for the areas that they’ll use the most!

Here’s our top 10 list (in order of most viewed) of content you should be sure to include when putting together your Vizlly website, mobile websites, Facebook apps, and digital brochures.

1. Guest Rooms
Guests want to know where they will be laying their head down to rest at the end of a long day. Display images of your property’s serene guest bedrooms. Emphasize the comfortable beds they will be sleeping in, the thoughtful in-room amenities they’ll enjoy, and any other unique feature your property offers.

2. Restaurant
With guests not having access to the comfort of their kitchen back home, they want to see where they can dine within the property.      

3. Recreation
Does your property have a state-of-the-art gym? Onsite tennis courts? Maybe a golf course? Show guests how they stay active by displaying images of your recreation facilities.

4. Lobby
When a guest walks into your lobby for the first time, you only have one chance at making a good first impression. Display images of your welcoming lobby that will make that impression a lasting one.

5. Map
Location, location, location! Guests want to know what area your property is in before booking a stay, so do not forget to include a map that guests can easily access.

6. Business Center
Even when your guests are at your property, their business needs do not stop.  Provide images of your business centre to ensure guests that they can access the internet or print a document whenever necessary.

7. Pool
Whether your guest is travelling with the kids, or travelling on business, they want to see if your property has a pool. Share images of the pool area, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

8. Amenities
While staying at your property, what comforts can your guests enjoy? Do you offer spa services? Fitness facilities? In-room amenities that ensure the comforts of home? Provide images of all the amenities your guests can enjoy while staying with you.

9. Exterior
Provide images of the exterior of your property, so guests have a visual idea of where they are staying.

10. Bar/Lounge
Many guests travel alone. Show these guests where they can relax at the end of their day by enjoying a cold drink and easy conversation at your property's bar or lounge.

Remember, don’t just tell travel shoppers about your property, show them!  Interesting visuals help prospective guests imagine what it is to experience a stay with you. 

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