How Live CMS Simplifies Special Offer creation for Hotel Websites

Special offers and promotions are essential to driving direct bookings. In addition to driving direct revenue, they are another way to showcase the unique experiences available at your hotel.

When most hotels think of “special offers” they only think of rate-related discounts. Relying on these offers can impact revenue and ADR. Marketing consultant and bestselling author Jay Baer provides the perfect explanation of why you need to provide more than just discounts:

“The companies that succeed and break through the pile of social flotsam will be those that base their social efforts on humanization and storytelling, not on post-modern couponing and eyeball purchasing. The winners will focus on people, not logos.”

Special offers can help you stand out from the competition and avoid competing on price alone. A lot of work should go into making a compelling special offer. Our website solution, Live CMS, has built-intools that make it easy to create, manage, schedule, and market your offers. Live CMS is a website management platform that helps hotels launch beautiful, high-converting websites. See live examples of Live CMS sites here.

Key features in Live CMS’ Special Offers Management

First and foremost: Live CMS creates landing pages for each of your offers. This enables easy sharing and direct linking to offers through email, social media, and other channels. You can also optimize the special offer landing page for relevant SEO keywords.

We also have the ability to create pages for offers that are not listed on your website’s dedicated “Offers” page, but are still up as a sharable link.

A dedicated page for each offer means that you aren’t limited to just a few words. Provide a proper description of what the offers includes alongside and photos to sell the offer as well as key information like valid dates, blackout dates, and conditions.

For example, Holiday Inn Aruba has a dedicated page for their family getaway packages. This page includes relevant photos, a description, and terms & conditions.

Live CMS Offers 1.png

Some special offers are timely. When the holiday season is around the corner, your hotel should be creating seasonal offers for the winter season. Live CMS makes it easy to create and schedule these offers, so they automatically appear and disappear from your website on relevant days.

Take advantage of Live CMS to create relevant, time-constrained offers during high traffic seasons, such as end of year holidays or summer travel.

Live CMS Offers 2.png

Our content management system can also personalize offers based on language, device, or location. This allows you to create targeted deals available only to specific markets, giving you more granularity in your offer strategy.

What travelers look for in special offers

We understand that special offers and deals are essential to your hotel’s success. To maximize the impact of special offers on your hotel website, consider these 4 best practice tips:

  1. A deal they can’t refuse: Tie your offers to the reasons your target segment visits your area
  2. How the offer enhances their stay: Use media to bring the dream to life
  3. Exclusivity: Create offers that are only available via email or to previous guests
  4. Easy to book: With Live CMS offers are easy to book with clear calls to action and information

Special offers should be where travelers expect to see them: on your homepage as well as on a dedicated “offers” page. If you need help managing or creating special offers on your website, reach out to your Customer Success Manager! And if you’re new to Leonardo Digital Marketing Services, please contact us. Supercharge your hotel’s online presence with our Live CMS platform in 2024!

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