5 Tips for Sourcing Visual Content

Every hotel has a story. Tell it with visuals.

Visual storytelling helps travel shoppers imagine the experience they can expect, and the memories they can create by choosing your property.

You probably already have a collection of professional media: Photos of the property, including rooms, business center, pool and so on. Professionally staged photos are great, but it's a good idea to round out your visual story elsewhere as well.

Consider these 5 tips for sourcing content, to help build your visual story.

5 Tips for Sourcing Content

1. Look Beyond Your Door

Connect with the local tourism board and nearby attractions, as well as area restaurants and vendors to help illustrate the experience of staying in your neighborhood.

2. Be Authentic

Professionally staged photos have their place, but that's not all you should use to tell your story. Include photos of real people enjoying your property. These are actually easy to find. Just ask online, or in-house for guests to send you photos of their stay. Set up a dedicated email address and promote it to encourage guests to upload their images. 

3. Staff Photographers

Photography is a passion for many people and you may have a staff member looking for a little exposure and feedback. Alternatively, hold an employee contest for new photos, and feature the winning photos. 

4. Social Media as a Source

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest contests are popular among followers and help promote your property at the same time as providing a source of new images.

5. Partner with a Pro

Find a professional photographer in your area who is willing to partner with your property to provide lessons for a unique experience package. Let the guests know that the best photos will be featured in your digital marketing.

Show it Off - Everywhere!

Regardless of where you get your media, be sure to showcase it prominently on your property's website, and anywhere else your property appears online -- like your multi-media web widgets, digital brochures, and Facebook apps.  

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