How to Add Your Hotel's Room Type Information


In the following instructions, you’ll learn how to add or update your property’s Room Type information.  This is an important step, as it populates content elsewhere in Vizlly. Before getting started, you should have already uploaded your media to the Vizlly Library.

1. Login to your Vizlly Account. Click your property name and select “Rooms”.

2. To create a new Room Type, select the New Room Type button. If you’re not sure where to begin, we recommend mirroring the room type items that exist in your CRS (Central Reservation System). 

3. Start by naming your room type.

4. After you’ve named your room type, continue by completing as many fields as possible. Add details like occupancy, size, and PMS and CRS IDs.

5. Select a thumbnail image for your room type from the Library images available on the right.

6. Add a brief description of your room type. Use formatting such as bold, italics, and bulleted lists to make it easy for travel shoppers to scan.

7. Click the Amenities button on the left side of the screen. Then, click the blue Add Amenities button.

8. Add any distinguishing amenities, and then click Select.

9. Next, click the blue Add Beds button.

10. Add details like type and number of beds. Click done when you have finished adding the bed types.  When you are done, click Select.

11. Click the blue Add Views button to add a view if applicable.

12. Then, add any additional media that showcases the room type. To do so, drag from the library on the right, and drop the images into the drop zone. You can add photos, videos or 360s.

13. When you’re happy with your room type, click Save, or Save and Back to view your new room type. Keep in mind that once your room types are created, you can always come back and edit things later.


And that’s it! Now you know how to create and edit room types in Vizlly.

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