How to Create A Multi-Grouped Feature Story


In this StoryMaker tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Multi-Grouped Feature Story in Vizlly. Before you can get started, you should have already created multiple feature stories.

1. Login to Vizlly. Hover over the StoryMaker tab and select Feature Story.

2. From the Feature Story Page, group feature stories together to create a Multi-Grouped Feature Story. We recommend using 5-7 Feature Stories in your Multi Grouped Story. Click the Create a Feature Story button in the top right corner and select Multi Grouped Feature Story from the dropdown list.

3. First, give your story a name. The name of your Multi Grouped Feature Story will not be visible to travel shoppers, but will be visible in Analytics, so ensure that the name is clear and descriptive. We recommend following a standard naming convention for all of your Multi Grouped Stories. 

4. Add Feature Stories to your Multi Grouped Feature Story by dragging them from the Library pane on the right, and dropping them in the Drag and Drop Grouped Feature Stories box.

5. Drag and drop your feature stories to change their order in your Multi Grouped Feature Story.

6. When you’re happy with your story, click Save, or Save and Back to view the Multi Grouped Feature Story you just created. Multi Grouped Feature Stories can be published to your website, tablet, smartphone, Facebook apps, and digital brochures in syndication.

That’s it! Now you know how to create a Multi Grouped Feature Story in Vizlly.

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