How to Add or Edit Your Website’s Homepage Copy

Your Vizlly website’s homepage copy is associated with the Feature Story that you have selected to display on your site’s homepage. If you would like to add or edit this copy, follow these easy instructions.

1. Login to Vizlly, hover over StoryMaker and select ‘Feature Story.’

2. Hover over the Feature Story that displays on your website’s homepage. Select ‘Edit.’

3. Once you are in your Feature Story, scroll down to the ‘Description’ area in the Rich Text Editor.Here you can add and/or edit your copy. Click ‘Save’ once you have finished.

4. Now to make sure your edits show up on your homepage, head to Publisher and select ‘Web Marketing.’

6. Hover over your website and select ‘Edit.’

7. Your Website Settings will appear. Under ‘Home’ make sure that the correct Feature Story displays, and the text you have created or edited shows up below the Feature Story. This is important: in order for the text to show up on your homepage, make sure the box that says ‘Publish Story Description’ is checked. Click ‘Save’ and that’s it! You’ve added or edited homepage copy to your website.

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