How to Add And Manage Visual Content In Your Vizlly Library


The following step by step instructions will teach you how to update and manage visual content in your Vizlly library.

1. Login to Vizlly then click on the Library tab.

2. Once in the Library tab, click on the “Add Content” button.

3. Select the images, videos and 360s you want to upload to the Library. Use the control key to select multiple items at once. Once you’re done selecting the content you want to upload, click Open.

4. A caption and category are required for each content item you upload. Captions will be visible to travel shoppers, so think of them as the customer facing label for your content item. We recommend keeping captions to a maximum of three words, or thirty characters.

5. Ensure that there is a category selected for each content item. Choose the category from the drop down menu that best represents your item.

6. Finally, confirm that the correct content type has been set. This is especially important for images and 360s.

7. If your property belongs to a brand or representation company, you can select the “Synchronize with VScape” checkbox to make specific or all content items available to them for syndication.

8. If all of the images you are uploading have the same OTA Category, Content Item Type, and Synchronization requirement, you can set this information at the top of your screen, and have it apply to all of the content you are uploading.

9. When you’re happy with your captions and categories, click “Done”. You can always edit this information after your content has been uploaded to the Library.

Your content items have been successfully added to the Library. Note that 360s and videos will not be visible in the Library for up to 48 hours. 

Now you know how to add and manage visual content in your Vizlly Library.

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