How to forward your domain using

Domain forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name’s visitors to a different website. When going live in Vizlly, it’s essential that you permanently redirect or forward your domain without ‘www’ ( to the version with the ‘www’ at the beginning ( so visitors end up at your website no matter what they enter into the address bar.

If you have registered your domain through and would like to forward your domain on your own, here are some instructions for you to follow.

The following example assumes your property’s domain is

  1. Login to your Domain Registrar account (in this example, we’ve used, and find Forwarding in Settings. Click on Manage.

2. Select Add One Now.

3. Forward to and then select Add.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure that Forward Only is selected under the Forward Settings drop down.

4. Once you have completed the redirection of your domain name, click on Save.

That’s it for forwarding your domain name!


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