What Logo Format Do You Need For Your Bookassist Website?

Our Vizlly powered by Bookassist websites require a variety of logo sizes and formats in order to be displayed correctly on our dynamic website themes. Before we can begin building your new website, you will need to upload your website logo in addition to your hotel media for a visually-driven website that is responsive across all devices.

Why the file format matters:

Sending a proper logo file is very important, as your Initial Build Team will use your one logo file to create five different logos. These logos will be used in varying sizes on different device screens, such as a phone and tablet, and will resize appropriately as travel shoppers scroll down the page.

We will also be creating an inverted copy and a favicon from this file, which is why it is important to send a quality, high-resolution file of your logo for your Initial Build Team to work with.

What format should my logo be?

Make sure that your logo is centered and clear. We will eventually be creating a transparent background for all logos, which will appear as a checkerboard pattern when you preview your logo. The transparent background ensures that your logo will seamlessly transfer onto any website theme and color palette of your choice.

A vector file is the most ideal format for you to send us. Your image file should end with a .png, also known as a Portable Network Graphic.


What size of logo do I need?

Horizontal logos typically appear clearer on the Bookassist templates.

Simply send us the highest quality resolution that you have available. 72 DPI or “dots per inch” will be a crisp image on your website, but we recommend sending the clearest file your marketing team has.

We require a high quality logo so that we can properly resize and adjust the logo for multiple screen sizes. Your logo will appear as 636 pixels by 250 pixels on your website.

Where do the logos go in Bookassist?

Logos are uploaded in the “Configure your site” section of the CMS, under the “Logo configuration” tab.

Simply upload your logo in the correct format into your One Drive link as part of your initial build. Our team will create all the proper logos necessary for your website and upload them into Bookassist for you.

If you have any questions about uploading new logos and would like to learn how to do it yourself, just contact your Customer Success Manager for more detailed training.


Design tips if you are creating a new logo:

Keep it clean and simple. The name of your hotel should be the focus of your logo. Choose a clear, easy to read font that suits your hotel’s branding and story.

We recommend logos that feature a black and white palette, or any other simple colours that will work with a variety of backgrounds. This will give you more flexibility with the design of your website.

Once again, consider that horizontal logos will appear larger and more legible than a stacked square or round logo.

In conclusion:

Your logo represents your hotel and creates branding that travel shoppers can easily recognize. During the build of your website, your Initial Build Team will configure your logo to complement your chosen theme and website design.

Once again, our Customer Success Managers are always on-hand to offer expert advice on creating logos, and can easily answer any questions you may have about the upload process.

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