How to Create a Special Offer in Bookassist

Our Vizlly powered by Bookassist websites have dedicated pages for every special offer that you can promote on your social media and marketing campaigns. In between your Quarterly Edits, you can still create your own seasonal packages.

There are a number of important steps to ensure that your new page is properly added to your website and indexed by Google.

Follow the steps below to create your new special offer!

Part 1: Create Your Page 

Create a Hidden Page.

  1. Log into your Bookassist account.
  2. Go to “(2) Manage content” and select “Menu & Pages”
  3. Select the “Hidden Pages” tab.
  4. Select “Add Page”.
  5. Hover over your new page and select “Edit page.”


Add the Content for your Special Offer.

  1. Add a Menu title and a Page main title.
    • Menu Title: Appears on the navigation bar of your website and must be under 20 characters.
    • Page Main Title: Is the full title of your special offer.
  2. Add your special offer details to the Page main content. This should include a specific description of the offer and directions for how to book.
Tip: When copying and pasting offer details from a Word document or other source,
use the “Paste as Plain Text” button beside “Source” to paste your content as Plain Text
to avoid carrying over any formatting.


Part 2: Track & Publish Your Offer 

Add a Trackable Booking Button

You should always add a book button if your special offer is bookable on your booking engine. To do so, you will need to access the "source code" of the Page main content. Use the code below to accurately track conversions to the booking engine on this offer. Add this code after you have added the offer details. 

  1. After you’ve formatted your text, select the “Source” of the Page main content. This will take you from the Text Editor to the Source Code of the page.
  2. Copy and paste in the booking button code below to add a button underneath your content.


<p style="text-center">

<a class="btn btn-success"

data-ga-category="External booking engine"


id="smrt-linkoff-button" target="_blank"

title="Book Now (opens in new window)">Book Now</a></p>


Change the href=”booking engine link” to your specific booking link.

  1. Scroll down to the Gallery section. Drag in one image to go with your special offer.
  2. Select “Clone Gallery” so that your image appears in mobile view. 



  1. Under Page Setup, change the template for this page to “Single Offer.”
  2. Click “Save.”
  3. Once you are happy with your special offer and have double checked for errors, select “Enable” at the top of the page.

Your page is now live! It is not yet indexed by Google so you can scroll down and “Preview” what it looks like.

Part 3: Update URL & Add to Navigation 

Update the Page URL.

Each new page you create auto generates the URL as “user-page-#”. This should be updated to accurately reflect what the page is about.

  1. Click (3) Optimise sales and select “Customised SEO.”
  2. Scroll down to Hidden Pages and select your new page.
  3. Change the Meta title to Title of Offer | Your Hotel Name
  4. Add a meta description to describe the offer and add a call to action. This shouldn’t be longer than 160 characters.
  5. The Page URL will be the title of your special all in lowercase. Replace any spaces with a dash “-“.

You will also need to include the top parent page in this URL, which should be Specials or Packages.

Example: The URL for “Winter Ski Package” listed under “Special Offers” would be special-offers/winter-ski-package

We recommend referencing the URLs of your website’s other specials and copy the format.

  1. Carefully check for any spelling mistakes. Once you click save, you have created a new website URL on your website.
  2. Click “Save.”

The other page meta titles, descriptions, and URLs have been created for your website’s specific SEO strategy. Do not change anything other than the specific page you have created.

If you need to change this URL or the name of your page once you have hit “save” because of a mistake, please let your Success Manager know so they can employ the necessary redirects.

Add your Special to the Main Menu of Your Website.

Your new page is ready to be live on your website.

  1. Go back to (2) Manage content, select Menu & Pages, and return to Hidden Pages.
  2. Hover over your new page and click on “Move to other menu.”
  3. Select “Main menu” and then confirm “Yes, move.”
  4. Your new page will now be at the bottom of the Main Menu pages. Drag your new page under your main Special Offers or Deals page to create a sub-page.
  5. Click “Save.”
  6. Click “View site” to see your new live special offer.

There are many steps to creating new pages on your Vizlly powered by Bookassist website. Don’t hesitate to send your new page to your Success Manager so we can confirm that you’ve properly set up your new special offer!

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