Google PageSpeed Insights and Your Vizlly Website

Google recently released their PageSpeed Insights, giving insights to make websites faster and more mobile-friendly. You may be wondering how your Vizlly website ranks using this tool. Rest assured that your Vizlly website adheres to industry standards and that we at Leonardo are constantly monitoring changes in the industry to ensure Vizlly remains the industry leader. In this article we will cover some of the most common suggestions that Google’s PageSpeed Insights gives for Vizlly websites and how this impacts your company’s Vizlly website.

Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS in Above-the-Fold Content

Vizlly uses technologies like JavaScript and CSS to make sure that your website looks the way you want and shows the content you want travel shoppers to see. This ensures that your visually-driven Vizlly website loads in the proper layout without resulting in a broken webpage.

Third-party widgets and integrations like Google Maps, TripAdvisor Badges and other technologies added through header and footer codes may decrease your score, but the benefit they give your travel shoppers is well worth a small drop in speed. Be sure not to overload your website with too many widgets; be selective and only include those that will increase the user experience and drive bookings.

Leverage Browser Caching

Vizlly is already doing this, adhering to industry standards and constantly looking for ways to optimize.  However, much like eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS, we don’t control third-party widgets like TripAdvisor and Google that may be added to your site.

Prioritize Visible Content

Google PageSpeed Insights tracks network calls to load your website when testing.  Vizlly websites make calls to Vizlly to ensure that your travel shoppers sees the most up to date content and best optimized version for their devices.

Optimize Images

We always want you to upload the best quality media to your Vizlly Library so that we can deliver the best version to your shopper regardless of device and connection. We continually optimize our media to make sure that your travel shoppers see the best quality media, as fast as possible. Trying to increase your score by adding lower quality images isn’t beneficial as research as shown travel shoppers desire the highest quality images when choosing a hotel.

Minify JavaScript

If you see this message it is likely caused by third-party code inserted into your website. We already minify our JavaScript code. As mentioned above we view this as a worthwhile trade off to include third-party widgets that add to the travel shopper’s experience on your website.

What Does It All Mean?

While Google now punishes slow websites in their search rankings, we want to ensure you that this won’t impact your Vizlly website. Google only punishes those websites that are significantly slower than their industry’s norm. Vizlly is a leading website platform for the hospitality industry and compares favorably to all industry norms. We are continuously monitoring any changes within the industry to proactively take advantage of them, in order to provide you with the highest performing website possible.

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