4. How to create containers and organize the sidebar in Content Manager

Watch the video tutorial to learn more:

We recommend viewing it in full screen for optimal display


In addition to hotel properties, Content Manager allows you to create custom containers of media to organize and group similar images together. You can also create folders to manage all of your containers and properties in the left panel. 

Containers are sent to Media Library. However, folders and the organization of your left panel are not sent for distribution. Organize the left panel into an order that optimizes your team’s workflow. 

To create a container:

  1. Select “…” next to your brand name in the left menu (marked with a star symbol)
  2. Choose “Add Media Container”
  3. Set a name and set a country
  4. Press “Add Media Container” to save

To add a folder:

  1. Select “…” next to your brand name in the left menu (marked with a star symbol)
  2. Choose “Add Folder”
  3. Name your folder
  4. Press “Add Folder” to save

To rename a folder or container:

  1. Hover over the folder or container
  2. Press the pencil icon
  3. Enter the new name and then select another property save it

To place properties and containers into a folder, simply drag into the relevant folder in the left panel. You can also drag and drop properties and containers into whatever order works for you.

For a closer look at creating containers and organizing your content, watch the video tutorial above. Contact your Account Manager for any additional help.


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