How to organize and look for media in Content Manager

Watch the video tutorial to learn more:

We recommend viewing it in full screen for optimal display

Content Manager boasts a variety of ways to find and arrange your content, whether you’re looking for a specific photo or you want to assess media within a certain category or type. 

On the left side above your gallery, you have the option to select the file type you want (Images, Videos, Virtual Tours or Documents). There are also 2 view options:

  1. Grid view shows large thumbnail for each media file
  2. List view shows additional information, and you can easily sort by Caption, Sequence #, Category, Filename and Status by clicking the column headers

On the right side above your gallery of photos, you’ll see “Sequence #” “Resolve Duplicates,” and “Filter.”

  1. Click “Sequence #” to change the sorting of the gallery as a whole . Sequence # is the default view, which refers to the sequence (or order) your photos are sent in to travel channels. Remember, your first photo is your feature photo. Many channels display your photos in the same order they are arranged in within Content Manager. Learn how to resequence your media in Content Manager. You can also sort by Caption, Category, Filename, or Distribution Status
  2. Click “Filter” to open the different filtering options: filter by distribution status, or by room type association. From this menu, you can select whether you want to see duplicate images. Finally, filter by categories to see images associated to a particular category.

If you’re looking for a particular file, use the media search bar next to the Resequence button. Search by caption, media ID, or file name.

For a closer look at organizing your media files, watch the video tutorial above. Contact your Account Manager for any additional help.


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