What is Ongoing Monitoring and How Does it Help My Website?

With search engine algorithms constantly changing, our SEO team is always working behind the scenes to ensure that Vizlly + SEO websites’ performance are continuously improving and attracting organic traffic over time.

What is Ongoing Monitoring?

Ongoing monitoring is the continuous performance review that our SEO team conducts for all of our Vizlly + SEO customers. We ensure that our websites are performing and that our keyword strategies are trending in the right direction. Ongoing monitoring allows us to identify any red flags and make adjustments before an issue arises.

Your Vizlly website is made up of a specific keyword strategy and optimized content, providing you with a strong SEO foundation. That being said, our job is to ensure that your website continues to drive relevant traffic and serve as a marketing tool for your hotel.  As part of your Vizlly + SEO package, your Success Coach will work with you to create a backlinks strategy for your website, while continuously empowering you to keep your website updated with relevant information. Google loves fresh content, so learn more about how editing your website impacts your organic traffic

Behind the scenes, ongoing monitoring helps us take the necessary actions to keep your website adaptive to all current search engine updates.

Performance Reports

In addition to the monthly SEO reports we send every Vizlly + SEO customer, our team is continuously doing their own reporting and analysis. When our SEO analyst reviews our websites, their goal is to see that your performance is trending in a positive direction.  A few months after your website goes live, (and Google has been able to crawl through the updates that we’ve made), we check in to make sure each website is growing in terms of traffic, rankings, and user engagement.

Our team checks that each of our customers are seeing a positive ROI each month and your website’s organic traffic trends are continuing to grow over time.

Sometimes changes in traffic are caused by a number of external factors that our team is already aware of. For example, a beachside resort will see a drop in website visits at the end of the summer season due to seasonality.

If there is any unexplained or unexpected drops in traffic, our SEO analyst will flag your website and take a more intensive look at your property’s website. Here’s what happens next:

Deep Dive Analysis

If your Vizlly website has been flagged, our SEO analyst will further investigate what aspect of your website isn’t performing the way it has been optimized to. They will review your hotel’s Google Analytics data to identify precisely what aspect of your SEO strategy or website needs improvement.

Based on the fluctuations in website traffic, user engagement, or errors they find, they will make proactive adjustments and provide relevant recommendations for your website strategy.

On-Page Updates to Improve Your SEO Performance

After evaluating your website content and keyword ranking, our SEO analyst will make a tailored recommendation to improve your specialized website strategy. To improve your website traffic and guest conversions, some of these proactive initiatives may include:

  • Research Refresh
    If one of your website pages is not performing as expected, our SEO team, based on the Deep Dive Analysis, will refresh your keyword strategy with higher performing keywords to track. They will then update the title tags and meta descriptions to send a clear signal to search engines about the page’s new content.
  • Expanding Your Content
    For search engines to recognize a website page as a quality source of information, each page should feature a substantial amount of content. A Storytelling Specialist may expand your website content with new or existing keywords to offer travel shoppers additional information about your hotel.
  • New Targeted Pages
    Longtail keywords drive more qualified traffic to your site and travel shoppers who are looking to make a booking. During the deep dive phase of ongoing monitoring, our team researches and builds out new pages with content about your local area that travel shoppers are searching for.

Off-Page Initiatives to Boost Your Website Performance

If your website has high quality content that’s already performing well, there are several off-page initiatives that our ongoing monitoring analyst will recommend to our team:

  • Re-indexing Your Website
    After we’ve made changes to your website (adding new pages, updating existing content) our team will resubmit your website for indexing to ensure search engines are aware and take account of the updates that we’ve made.
  • Backlinks Strategy
    Another opportunity to improve the reputation of your website is through backlinks. Our research team may create a backlinks strategy for your team to work through, if one was not created during your website’s initial build or if it is now outdated. These valuable links are included on websites that mention your hotel and will allow more travel shoppers to find your website.
  • Blogger Outreach
    For new websites with a low domain authority and fewer backlink opportunities, our SEO team creates a blogger outreach task, which is an effective method to give your website an online vote of confidence. Local area bloggers will mention your hotel in a post, providing a backlink to your website

Setting You Up For Success

Our ongoing monitoring and deep dive analysis is the most effective way to ensure that your Vizlly + SEO website is continuously improving in this ever-changing online world. Talk to your Success Coach if you have any questions about your website performance or our team’s proactive monitoring of your site.

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